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POGP Introduction to Physiotherapy in the Childbearing Year 18 November 2017 ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE

This study day provides an introduction to physiotherapy in perinatal care and is designed for physiotherapists and physiotherapy students who have an interest in women’s health. Perhaps you are a rotational physiotherapist, and those who occasionally see pregnant or post-natal women as part of their caseload, or are considering developing their knowledge and skills in order to develop a service. You will discuss the evidence relating to health promotion in pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, in sessions that provide an overview of safe practice and special considerations for this patient group in both the management of some pregnancy- related problems and the setting up of education or exercise classes for this client group.

This course will also help you if you are involved in teaching other professional groups or students, for example, promotion of continence to midwives and confirming the role of the physiotherapist within the obstetric MDT.

Programme objective

To provide the participant with the knowledge and skills to deliver perinatal healthcare promotion and physiotherapy care.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the study day the participant will be:

  1. Abletounderstandthephysiologicalandanatomicalchangesthatoccur

    during pregnancy and the immediate postnatal period.

  2. Equippedwiththeknowledgetosafelydeliverperinatalphysiotherapycare.

  3. Awareofandconformtoprofessionalstandardsandnationalguidelinesin

    relation to physiotherapy in perinatal care. 

Delegate costs: 
£125 POGP member/affiliate £160 non-member £100 physiotherapy student


Where & When

18 Nov 2017
Tameside General Hospital
Fountain Street
Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 9RW


Organiser name: 
POGP Course Administrator
Organiser email:
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