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POGP Physiotherapy assessment and management of pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions – Part I 11-13 May 2018 GLASGOW

This recently extended workshop is designed to enable the registered physiotherapist to examine and manage a woman with common pregnancy related lumbo-pelvic problems. The workshop, which takes place over 21⁄2 days, is aimed at physiotherapists already working in women’s health as well as the physiotherapist working in a musculoskeletal outpatient setting. It is also suitable for people new to this area of and for those requiring revision or updating in current best practice.

The content will include: review of normal anatomy and physiology of the lumbo-pelvic complex and changes in pregnancy, the theory of normal movement and pregnancy- related changes, the assessment and examination of the lumbar spine and pelvic girdle and the management of lumbo-pelvic pain in pregnancy including functional advice, therapeutic exercise and manual therapy.

Programme objective

To enable the participant to examine and manage a woman with common pregnancy- related lumbo-pelvic problems.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the physiological changes in pregnancy relevant to the

    physiotherapy management of pregnancy-related lumbo-pelvic problems

  • Understand the neuromusculoskeletal structure and function of the lumbo-

    pelvic complex

  • Describe and understand the pregnancy-related altered biomechanics of the

    lumbo-pelvic complex

  • Discuss the aetiology of common pregnancy-related lumbo-pelvic dysfunction

  • Have an awareness of the psychosocial influences and emotional needs of the

    woman during the child bearing years

  • Adapt assessment and examination techniques of the lumbo-pelvic complex for

    the antenatal and postnatal woman

  • Develop and adapt a range of skills including manual techniques and exercises

    for the lumbo-pelvic complex for the antenatal and postnatal woman

  • Apply clinical reasoning and analysis to direct physiotherapy intervention

  • Understand and promote the physiotherapist’s role within the multidisciplinary

    team particularly with regard to birth 

Delegate costs: 
£275 POGP member/affiliate £345 non-member


Where & When

11 May 2018 - 13 May 2018
Day 1 - 1pm-5pm Day2/3 - 9am-5pm
Wishaw General Hospital
50 Netherton Road
Wishaw ML2 0DP


Organiser name: 
POGP course administrator
Organiser email:
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