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Opportunity to review platform and poster abstract submissions for Physiotherapy UK 2018

23 January 2018 - 9:03pm

Dear Colleague

We would like to invite you to review platform and poster abstract submissions for Physiotherapy UK 2018.

We are recruiting for two important roles:

1.    Reviewers of platform and poster abstracts

2.    Abstract review group* to oversee the peer review process

Why to volunteer as a reviewer:

-        The results of the review process will help organisers make informed decisions about Physiotherapy UK content.

-        Peer review helps to ensure credible work is selected for presentation and improves the quality of the conference.

-        This is a good CPD opportunity giving reviewers the chance to analyse the work of others and to think critically about their own work as well as improving abstract writing skills.

-        Find out what others are doing in your field and contribute to the scientific community.

How to apply

Applications are invited from CSP members who:

• Have experience of reviewing abstracts

• Have a track record of publications and presentations

• Are prepared to review up to 20 abstracts

Reviewers need to be available between 26 April and 17 May 2018.

*Please note a high level of expertise will be required to join the abstract review group and members will need to be available for moderation between 21 May and 6 June 2018. Draft terms of reference for this group are attached.

For more details and to apply please respond to the following survey by 23 March 2018.

Further details on Physiotherapy 2018 can be found here:

You may also be interested in top tips on peer review from the Council for AHP Research:


Physiotherapy 2018 Abstract Review Team


Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

14 Bedford Row | London |WC1R 4ED



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