Area Representative Section



Scotland - Janice Falconer

About Your RepI am an ESP /Team Lead and have worked in this specialty since 1991. I was invited to take on the role of rep in June 2013 and felt I could do this as I have many colleagues I can link with and I have the clinical and managerial experience to carry out the role .

Regular events in your area: Annual POGP study day usually every Spring 

Ireland - Wendy Brown

About Your Rep: NHS specialising in continence related to oncology, and private practice regarding bladder and bowel dysfunction and pelvic pain. Worked in womens health since 1998, over last 4 years with more specific interest in continence in oncology. Keen to take on role of Area Rep to meet other Area Reps, network, share ideas and feedback to  NI group.

Regular events in your area: Ulster gynae urology society scientific meeting. CPD rotated among NI trusts.

 Up coming events: UKCS Belfast April 2016.

Anything else relevant or interesting: Prostate Cancer UK currently funding 2 POGP NI members for 18 months looking at a new pre / post radical prostatectomy physiotherapy service.

North East - Anna Mennell


About Your Rep: I originally specialised in the MSK field however an opportunity arose to move into Women’s Health which I was very interested in.  The first two and a half years in this role has allowed me to develop my clinical skills in this specialist area and I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.  I have developed a passion for this area of physiotherapy and I am eager to progress further, taking on the role of the POGP area representative is one way in achieving this.  I am keen to maintain the links that Julie Ellis has cemented and will continue to arrange regular meetings to facilitate the Women’s Health Physiotherapists learning within the North East.

Regular Events in your area:

We have a dedicated group of physiotherapists who meet twice a year and who are always enthusiastic.  As a group we share ideas about patient management, discuss new areas of research and how we can best develop our services.  The POGP meetings have allowed us to utilise each other’s knowledge and skills, as well as sourcing speakers to engage with wider subjects, which has prompted changes to our practice and the services we provide.   Over the next year I hope to continue with these sessions and establish topics our members would like to see covered.  We have all found the Newsletter very useful in gathering information about research, courses and any local service changes which may assist with our physiotherapy provision. 

Other up-coming events:

Our next meeting will be in November 2016 which we have a Consultant colorectal surgeon leading a session on constipation management which will be invaluable.  

Yorkshire - Rachel Burnett

About Your Rep: 

I have originally come from an MSK background but gradually, over recent years, have developed an enthusiasm for Women’s Health. I am currently working in a team leader Women’s Health role at Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust. I have enjoyed developing my skills to date and completed my Masters at Bradford University. I have become passionate about my women’s health case load. As the new Area Rep for Yorkshire I hope that I will be able to re-establish some old links and create new ones to facilitate training and education in the local area along with developing a strong network of peers who, I’m sure, will support one another well.

As this has been a vacant post for some time, it will be good to gather some information from you all as to what you feel your training needs are so as a network we may be able to meet some of these aims. Previously this group ran with a small committee to assist in organising events. If you feel you could support in this way, without taking full responsibility of the area rep role, then I’d welcome volunteers! First meeting of 2016 is on 30th January so I am looking forward to meeting you all and planning how the group goes forward.

Next regional event: To be confirmed

Trent - Mary Chestnutt  &  Elspeth Rai


About Your Reps:

Elspeth Rai: I have been joint are representative for the Trent region since 2012. My area of work is continence working at Nottingham Continence Advisory service. I am enthusiastic about the physiotherapists role within continence care. I hope to encourage other physiotherapists both POGP members and those yet to join to be as enthusiastic.

Mary Chestnutt: I took on the role of area rep in February 2009.  I work at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust covering the maternity and gynaecology wards, obs and gynae out-patients, parent education classes, tummy check clinic and antenatal obesity clinic.  I work with Elspeth at the Nottingham Continence Advisory Service where I assess and treat gynae out-patients, Prolapse groups and healthy bowel clinic patients.  I am enthusiastic about sharing skills and knowledge, thus supporting each other to obtain the best for our patients.

Regular events in your area: Twice yearly regional meeting in March and October location varies. Details sent out in advance. Local members invited to host meetings. This ensures that meetings take place in a variety of locations in the region.

Manchester - Helen Shepherd

About Your Rep: I qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1989 from Withington Hospital and have worked at Edgware, Stockport, St Mary’s and Salford. I have been specialized in Women’s Health Physiotherapy for 19 years and have been the clinical lead at Salford Royal NHS Trust for the last eighteen years. I completed the post graduate diploma in continence with the University of East London in 1997 and completed my MSc Practitioner Research (by research), at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2004.

I have been in the role as chairman for the POGP North West for 2 years now.  I feel it is an important role as the regional groups provide excellent support to the Pelvic Heath Physiotherapists in the region. It is also beneficial to have the link with the main POGP and by this to the rest of the United Kingdom as our role can leave us feeling quite isolated. It is also  provides invaluable  peer support both at a clinical level and also to support each other through all the changes within the NHS.

Regular events in your area: We meet four times a year for an afternoon in different trusts. We have complex case discussions as part of the agenda. We have guest speakers and presentations from different members of the group on projects in different areas or audit results.

Midlands - Michelle Neal

I have been working as a Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Birmingham Women’s Hospital since June 2013 and worked within this specialty since 2007. Alongside my role at Birmingham Women’s Hospital I also work one day a week at the BMI Priory Hospital in Edgbaston.

I have recently been appointed to the role of Midlands Area rep whichI start in April 2016 and am keen to continue the fabulous job that Sally Martineau has been doing for many years! I have big boots to fill but am excited at the opportunity to continue to develop the training, education and peer support that this role offers.

Regular events in your area:

The group aims to meet 4 times per year and tries to alternate between external speakers and group members facilitating workshops and feeding back from courses.

East Anglia - Claire Brown


About Your Rep: I am the Women’s and Men’s Health Physiotherapy team lead at Addenbrookes hospitals, I work as the POP Home, specialist physiotherapist in pessary self-management and also privately.  I took on the role as area rep in autumn 2014.  I was keen to take the role on as the East of England have been without a rep for several years and felt a network across the East of England would be beneficial.  I am keen to include lone working physiotherapist in a network and physiotherapists working in an MSK environment.

Regular events in your area: Norfolk Specialist Interest Group in Continence.

Other up coming events: To be confirmed

Please note that Jane Dixon is covering the area rep role of East Anglia until further notice. 

Wales - Rhiannon Griffiths

About Your Rep: I have been working in my role as a Women’s health Physiotherapist since 2011 when I gained a split MSK/WH physiotherapist post. During my time I developed a keen interest in women’s health treatment and due to service need increased my time within Womens health.

In December 2016 I started in my role as Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Women’s Health in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board which covers South East Wales. This brought with it new clinical and service challenges mainly being that of treating male patients and an increasing service need for Women’s health patients.

As area representative this is a new role which I started in Nov 2017. My aim on becoming Area representative is to continue the hard work of my predecessors with regards to the promotion of the skills and services that we can offer as pelvic health physiotherapists and  to continue to aid members with regards to the service inequality and plans for succession planning into pelvic health physiotherapy as a country as a whole.

Regular events in your area:

As a group, we meet every 3 months to discuss issues and case studies, provide peer support and also training. Our group is spread over a large geographical area and so we tend to meet via video-conferencing facilities in three sites in Wales. These meetings have been very productive and recently have been focused on organizing developing awareness of Pelvic Health physiotherapist among our MSK colleagues. Our continued aim is to promote our very valuable and effective work and to highlight the lack of consistency of service provision and support across Wales.

Other up coming events:

We aim to set up a course yearly. For 2017 we are looking into setting up a course for interested MSK collegues to highlight the importance of looking at the pelvis as a whole.

South Midlands - Jane Newman


About Your Rep: I have been in this role since 2014. The post had been vacant for a while due to everyone having heavy commitments and I was keen that we should reactivate the post to provide a link for POGP members in the area. I have worked in Women’s and Men’s Health for since the 1980’s both in London and in Oxford and have been the Clinical Specialist In W and MH in Oxford since November 1995. During that time we have expanded the service from 2.2 WTE to 10.5 WTE(13 staff) and are covering obstetrics, gynaecology, urology and colorectal in men, women and children. I am now serving on the POGP Executive Committee for the second time having done a three year stint as PRO in the past.

 Events in your area: We are in regular contact through email and have met up occasionally. We have difficulties getting everyone together owing to commitments but the spirit is there! We next plan to meet in September for a session on Pelvic Pain

 Anything else: We have been working hard with the commissioners in Oxfordshire in the last few years to develop a new better coordinated Bladder and Bowel service with collaborative MDT working between the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and the Oxfordshire Health FT who have some of the other POGP members in the area. This is going well and should improve the pathway for patients.

London - Charlotte Church


About Your Rep: I am an extended scope practitioner and clinical lead for the pelvic health physiotherapy team at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, I have been the chair for the London area committee since we formed in November 2014. I wanted to be involved with the POGP area team as I was keen to support physiotherapists working in pelvic health physiotherapy and encourage physiotherapists into the specialty, including men!

Regular events in your area: We try and hold evening lectures at least four times a year along with the production of a newsletter twice a year.

South - Paula Riseborough

About Your Rep: I’ve been Area Rep for the South since September 2015. I volunteered for this role in order to support and promote our special interest group. In particular, I want to encourage and assist those new to the specialty to be in touch with POGP and the educational and networking opportunities available. I work for North Bristol NHS Trust as a specialist physiotherapist in obstetrics, gynaecology, female and male incontinence.

Regular events in your area:

  • Bristol Pelvic Health group: twice yearly meetings, usually at St Michael’s Hospital or Southmead/Cossham Hospital). Contact:

  • Wiltshire Women’s Health Physiotherapy Group: meetings several times a year at Melksham Hospital
  • Gloucestershire group: quarterly meetings (county-wide). Contact:

South East - Nicola Lawton

About Your Rep: I trained at The Middlesex Hospital, London and I have been working in Women’s Health since the 80’s. I have seen many changes in this time, working at the Buchanan Hospital in St Leonard’s, and then moving to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings, when maternity services joined the other specialties on one site. I am now Team Lead in Women’s Health at Eastbourne District General, (still East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust)

I became an Area Rep in 2008. We have held meetings at different locations, often involving a lot of travelling. I am lucky I have always worked in both Obstetrics and Gynaecology/Urology and so I am keen to have Obstetric topics for our meetings as well as Gynaecology/Urology ones.

Regular events in your area: We meet twice in the year, for evening meetings. These are usually in the Spring and in the Autumn. We try and have an outside speaker.

Other up coming events: To be confirmed  

Anything else relevant or interesting: I am keen to start a newsletter for the region so we can share any news we have and keep up to date with any changes going on in our hospitals and departments. 

South West - Emily Hoile

About Your Rep: I have been the area representative for the South West since 2009 having moved to the area in 2008.  I took the role as I wanted to be a part of the organization that had been extremely helpful and supportive in my professional development. 

I work as a Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.  I am keen to promote the role of physiotherapists working in pelvic health and provide support for the members.  I really enjoy the opportunity to meet with other physiotherapists and health professionals to share experiences and skills, and develop services.

Regular events in your area: We aim to meet twice a year and we are currently trialing a change to a daytime meeting to encourage more members to attend.  Due to the large geographical area that we cover we meet in a variety of locations.

Solent - Sita Dixit & Rosemary Butler

Sita Dixit - About Your Rep:

I am a band 6 Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Southampton Hospital trust. I have been in this role for 3 years and have been qualified 6 years. I am currently completing a masters in clinical research and will complete this in September. I was interested in womens health right from a student where I had a rare placement opportunity, I find it very rewarding.

Regular events in your area:

2x year meet with south coast Women’s Health Physiotherapists to network, teaching and evaluate our current services