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Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the POGP brings far more benefits than you may expect! 

  • Professional Journal With POGP membership you'll receive the only professional Journal in the UK dedicated to research surrounding pelvic, obstetric and gynaecological physiotherapy. JPOGP is highly regarded internationally as a beacon for evidence-based practice, with regular additions from the pillars of our profession. You'll be kept up to date with current practice, POGP national conference, our national Good Practice Statements and the UK-wide network of hard-working volunteer area representatives. Members also have access to our exclusive Extended Online Content as well as our complete back catalogue.
  • Education and Research Grants There are up several different grants and bursaries on offer exclusively to members. Some are up to £500 in value and you can use the money for travel, research and development or training, so long as it promotes our much-loved profession. Solely for members you have direct access to apply directly for these.
  • Exclusive access to Good Practice Statements.  These are peer-developed, evidence-based guidelines tackling some of the most pertinent and difficult questions facing members in clinical practice. These statements will help guide your decision making and support your learning in this specialist field.   Latest Good Practice Statements cover the use of TENS, Supine Lying, Acupuncture, Maternity Belts and Vaginal Examination in pregnancy; giving advice about driving after surgery; and issues surrounding pelvic floor electrical stimulation. 
  • Social Media – Becoming a POGP member gives you access to our members only Facebook group ‘POGP Members Area’. With over 300 of our members already involved this group is a fantastic resource for members to share knowledge, ask clinical questions, up-to-the-minute information on POGP conference, job adverts and POGP media attention. It is also a fantastic space for the POGP executive committee to share information quickly to its members and for members to ask questions directly to the executive. Members are crossed checked against our database for approval prior to joining.
  • Development of workshops to meet the specific needs of members, and discounts on workshop fees.
  • Collaborative working with the University of Bradford in the development of two specialist post-graduate certificates: Continence for Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy in Women's Health. (Graduates of these programmes are eligible for full membership of POGP – other methods available).
  • Professional representation at NICE, RCOG etc.
  • Professional advice, support and mentoring.
  • Support to members carrying out Research.
  • Local and Regional support structure including Study Days organised by the local Area Representative for POGP.
  • Voting rights at AGM, held at our annual Conference. Postal votes are available.
  • Recognised Professional Network of the CSP.
  • Membership route to POGP flowchart

We would love to have you join us!  Do read our different 'membership categories' and 'how to join'  sections below. 

Membership Categories

What are the different types of membership the POGP offers?

1. Membership

Membership of the association is open to annually subscribing chartered physiotherapists who have completed the University of Bradford Postgraduate Certificate 'Physiotherapy in Women's Health' or 'Continence for Physiotherapists'.

Chartered Physiotherapists who completed the theory and practice core modules of either of the above certificates and commenced their studies before September 2008 are also eligible for membership.

Also qualifying for this category:

  1. Previous members of the Obstetric Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (OACP)
  2. Retired chartered physiotherapists who prior to retirement were members of the association
  3. Annually subscribing chartered physiotherapists who have completed one of the following courses:
  • ACPOG Part 1
  • ACPOG Foundation
  • POGP Post- registration course in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • PACE accredited Continence Course
  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Development in Health: Continence (University of East London)
  • Physiotherapy in Women's Health course (University of Bradford) prior to accreditation of the modules at Masters level

The six programmes mentioned above are historical courses which are no longer in existence. Completion of these programmes conferred eligibility for membership at that time.

See Accredited Courses section for details of the courses currently approved by POGP.

An alternative route for this category:

The physiotherapist can submit a portfolio or evidence of published works relevant to the speciality of women's health and judged by the association to be of an acceptable standard.

Details on this method of entry  and application form are available in our 'Resources' section of our website. Simply click on the 'Resources' section and search for 'portfolio'. 

AGM and voting rights

In this category the member may attend the AGM and has the right to vote

 2. Affiliate membership

This is available to:

  • Annually subscribing chartered physiotherapists who are not included in the above category
  • Annually subscribing members of the Irish Society of Physiotherapists
  • Retired chartered physiotherapists who are not included in the above category
  • Students and new graduate chartered physiotherapists(up to two years post-registration)

AGM and voting rights

In this category the affiliate may attend the AGM and have voting rights

What are the costs of becoming a member?

Members(proof of course must be sent with application)£67.60
Affiliate members£67.60
Retired membership (CSP registered)£20.00
Student and recently qualified£26.00

Lapsed members rejoining will be charged an extra fee of £3.50.

Overseas applications

Membership £67.60

Membership is available to annually subscribing members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and to international physiotherapists who do not reside or work in the U.K. The international physiotherapists must be members of their country’s physiotherapy governing body. 

The physiotherapist must also have successfully completed a post-registration course in Women’s Health or Continence. Please see website for details of acceptable courses and portfolio route for membership.

Affiliate membership £67.60

Affiliate membership is available to annually subscribing members of the CSP who are not full members and to International physiotherapists who do not reside or work in the UK, provided that the physiotherapists are members of their country’s physiotherapy governing body. 

Payments can be made from any Single Europe Payments Area country. You will need to have a Euro account open in a Eurozone country, if your country is not included then please join offline/paper application.

An additional charge of £6.50 is required for overseas membership to cover postage for EU countries and £10.50 for other countries.

Overseas applicants must complete our paper form

Membership renewals

Online renewals - One of the benefits of joining online is that your annual membership automatically renews.  You'll receive renewal email notification from our merchant gocardless before renewal takes place.