POGP Margie Polden Bursary Application Form

Year published: 2018

  • The Margie Polden Memorial Fund and Bursary

     Margie  Polden, FCSP, who died in 1998, worked at the Hammersmith Hospital in  London, he initiated and developed physiotherapy in obstetrics  and gynaecology, and within ACPOG - now POGP -  made an enormous  contribution to the education of physiotherapists and other  professionals.
     Never  afraid to be combative, she vigorously and knowledgeably debated and  discussed with clinical colleagues, lectured, and wrote for professional  publications. She also had the ability to reach out to the public, with  witty, pertinent and informative articles and talks on women's health  issues. In doing so she furthered the cause and raised the profile of  physiotherapy in obstetrics and gynaecology and made a real impact on  the lives of countless women.
     Through  her work and books, Margie, a loved and respected member of POGP  influenced and educated numerous physiotherapy students.
     Within  our own Professional Network many members of POGP wished to honour  Margie and this was made possible through the generosity of Margie's  family. This has enabled the creation of the Margie Polden Memorial  Fund, which supports the Margie Polden Memorial Lecture and the Margie  Polden Bursary.

     The Margie Polden Bursary
     A bursary was set up in memory of Margie by the generosity of her  husband to fund a place at the POGP conference for a student or  newly-qualified Physiotherapist. This bursary will be awarded annually  to an applicant who is able to demonstrate an interest in the field of  pelvic, obstetric, and gynaecological physiotherapy and is keen to  develop that interest further.
     The applicant should be a pre-registration Physiotherapy student, or  have qualified during the same year as the conference. He/ she must also  be a member or student member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy  (CSP).
     The bursary funds both the conference fee and accommodation costs, however it does not fund the travel costs for the recipient.

     Applicants must:
     Complete the application form and provide a personal statement as requested on the application form
     An application form can be found on the POGP website and should be returned by email to the chairman by July 1st 2018.

    If you know of anyone who would be a suitable recipient of this award, please encourage them to apply.





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