POGP Pregnancy Related Physiotherapy: assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions; hip and trunk – advancing your practice 9 November 2019 WISHAW

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University Hospital Wishaw,50 Netherton Road, Wishaw ML2 0DP

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This new study day has been developed as a follow on from the POGP ‘Physiotherapy assessment and management of pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions - Part I’ course. Attendance on the longer course (either 2.5 or 2 day course depending on date of course) is a pre-requisite to application for this Part II course.
The study day includes a mix of theory and practical sessions. The content will include anatomy, pathology and treatment of thoracic, hip, abdominal, sacrum and coccyx dysfunction both during and after pregnancy. Assessment and treatment strategies will build on the learning from your earlier course, including the use of diagnostic tools, manual therapy techniques and the development of graded exercise programmes for the pregnant or postnatal woman with thoracic spine, hip, coccyx and abdominal problems.
Programme objective 
To enable the physiotherapist to examine, manage and treat thoracic spine, sacrum, coccygeal and hip conditions and apply progressive graded abdominal rehabilitation in the pregnant and postnatal woman.