'Pucker Up Your Pelvic Floor' - POGP Campaign February 2018

This February 1st POGP is launching a two week “pucker up your pelvic floor” campaign.


After a successful campagin in 2017, this Valentine’s we hope that POGP members will help POGP with a BIGGER campaign to proactively promote the importance and efficacy of pelvic floor muscle training for sexual function and pleasure. 

We are encouraging members to launch their own campaigns from 1st February 2018 through to the 15th February 2018 (day after Valentines day) when the campaign will close. 

The POGP wants to improve signposting for men and women for sexual dysfunction this Valentines Day by running a 'pucker up your pelvic floor' campaign. This campaign aims to give our members some promotional material and the backing of POGP to promote our role within sexual health for both women and men. The media is starting to address it as a topic but a lot of these articles have no mention of physiotherapy as a treatment tool. We are working on trying to change this.

Men or women may come to see you for a host of sexual dysfunctions including but not limited to:

  • Painful intercourse
  • Urinary leakage 
  • Orgasm problems 
  • Vaginal tightness
  • Fear
  • Erectile dysfunction 

How You Can Get Involved 

POGP has created two eye-catching gender-specific A4 posters to highlight the positive aspects of healthy pelvic floor and the role of the specialist physiotherapist. There is also signposting to the POGP website and specifically the booklets Pelvic Floor Exercises (for Men) and Pelvic Floor Exercises (for women). 

This year we are encouraging members to GET CREATIVE! If you dont fancy using our posters and want to add an infographic to your poster, do a 3D display in your workplace, have any other ideas? We want to see them! As long as you are promoting the key messages for the Pucker Up Campaign - send us your pictures!

You can download hthe POGP Pucker Up poster pdf copies below along with a letter to our members or those interested and use to help promote the campaign and/or your physiotherapy services. You might choose to laminate them to use as a poster, or print off to use as flyers.

• display in client waiting areas
• fix to the back of toilet doors
• handout with the next appointment card

• display in workplaces of friends and family • mother and baby groups
• gyms, sports centres, exercise classes
• village notice boards

Download the posters and lets get discussing our role in sexual health and dysfunction! 

If you are on Twitter you can use the hashtag #puckerup and message us @thePOGP during the campaign 

We are also on Facebook and you can find us under the name POGP Members Area and can join if you are an affiliate or full member of POGP. 



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