POGP Booklets Now FREE to Download and Print

Booklets now FREE to download and print!

We have some exciting news!
For years POGP has been producing high quality, regularly reviewed booklets. We have kept them 'read only' for all of them except our PGP booklet. This week this has all changed!
You are now able to download and print ALL our booklets FREE! You don't just have to be a member - any physiotherapist or patient can also do the same. You can still order beautifully printed, high quality copies of our booklets should you wish.
What does our POGP Chair say?
"Following from POGP taking Charitable status and in line with the charitable ethos, POGP have decided to make all of the booklets free to download and print from the website https://pogp.csp.org.uk/booklets
Paper booklets can still be ordered in the usual way for high quality copies but it was felt that the information provided by our booklets should be accessible to all
We ask that you respect the copyright policy https://pogp.csp.org.uk/content/pogp-copyright-policy-and-publications-permission-requests and only use the booklets in their complete format, no alterations to the publication can be made
Katie Mann
Chair of POGP"
Any questions please do get in touch.

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