COVID-19 information for POGP course participants on POGP Pelvic Health Physiotherapy courses

Physiotherapy-led courses and conferences  across the UK have been affected by the  COVID-19 pandemic

Physiotherapy-led courses and conferences  across the UK have been affected by the  COVID-19 pandemic. Local areas and institutes are making slightly different decisions. This means that the venue where you may be attending a course may  be different to what’s happening at a neighbouring institution.

The various POGP courses have differing content which will also affect how each course can be delivered safely, within current government guidelines around social distancing, hygiene procedures and other necessary safety measures  .

Most importantly POGP has a responsibility during this unprecedented time  to make sure that both participants, the host  and the POGP tutors are working in a safe protective environment by adhering to government guidelines.

 As a result, POGP must adapt how it delivers courses, working closely with the host venue and, the tutors. This is a positive and necessary approach because each programme is structured differently. 

Please rest assured the temporary changes and adaptions to the course delivery that the tutors are making is in consultation with the POGP and comply as closely as possible with our expectations of POGP course programmes.

Safety of those taking part or delivering the course is POGP’s number one priority.



Ruth Hawkes


On behalf of

POGP Board of Trustees

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